What is a doula?

A doula is a support person for parents during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum time.

A doula becomes familiar with the wishes of the birther in advance and offers birthing related information. They are on call 24/7 for the four weeks around your expected due date and support you and your partner day or night as long as the birth takes.

A doula is present and provides information and physical support. They relax and bring calm. Supporting and encouraging possibly while still at home. When moving to hospital the doula is your familiar face and 100% present for you. A doula has no other tasks, they are there for you.

At some stages of childbirth merely knowing the doula is available can be the needed support - even when waiting, ready for when you need it.

Information leaflet about doula activities

Here you can download a short information leaflet where the foundations of doula work is described.

Meeting with your doula after the birth lets you discuss the experience and they can guide you in caring for your newborn and inform about services available in you area. It is often very rewarding to discuss the birth with a person who was there with you. Childbirth is a delicate event, and even the most detailed twists and turns can rotate in the mind after a long time. The doula listens, understands, and knows how relevant the personal birth story is to the mother.

The Doulas of Finland RY members undertake to work according to the doula code of conduct.

Doulas of Finland RY

Doulas of Finland RY association was founded in 2014 to represent all doulas working in Finland. Professional and lay doulas can become members of the association. All members need to undertake to follow the official association birth doula standards.

On offer to the association members is a Facebook-group for members, peer support, as well as education opportunities and discounts from training events.

You may send a message to the association at the address [email protected].

Should you wish to send feedback about a doula or enquire about doula actions, sent to the address [email protected]. Feedback can be sent by families, midwives and other healthcare workers. If you feel that a member of our association has not acted in accordance with our official doula standards, please let us know.

Contact us: [email protected]

You can also find us on Facebook, follow our announcements and the activities of other doula groups on our page .

Buttons to indicate commitment to doula standards

The members of Doulas of Finland RY undertake to adhere to the doula's code of conduct, and they wear the association's badge. This badge ensures that the doula acts ethically and follows the doula code of conduct. The family knows what to expect and other professionals can rely on the doula's professionalism, which increases trust and improves the service the family receives. 

Yhdistyksen pinssi | Suomen Doulat ry

Doulas are not a new thing

Long ago, before the time of hospital births, it was common for a birthing person to be supported not only by a midwife but also by a familiar and experienced person who, with their presence, provided security and relief. Today, the birthing person no longer has such a support person at birth. The midwife has several births to take care of at the same time and the situation is new and disturbing for the partner.

The doula, on the other hand, is the support of the birther throughout labour, contraction by contraction. The doula is present, helping you to relax and become one with the contractions. These days, the doula is equally a support person for the partner in childbirth; many partners find it a huge relief to have someone with them to tell you how to assist the birthing person. Indeed, a partner who is also accompanied by a doula during childbirth is usually much more active and more involved in childbirth.

Why take on a doula?

Families often describe the decision to invite a doula to their birth one of the best in their lives. It is part of the preparation for childbirth, the main goal of which is to understand the course of childbirth and know what happens during it so that there is no need to fear, think or be insecure about childbirth. Childbirth is a special event because it works best when the person giving birth can let their body work freely. This is possible only if the birther has such a safe and confident feeling that they can throw themself into the experience of giving birth with all their soul. In creating that security and confidence, doula support is invaluable.

There are many types of doula. A doula is not a protected title and therefore anyone can call themselves a doula.

Doula code of conduct

Doula code of conduct has been created to make it easier for parents and obstetricians to get an idea of what kind of support a doula can provide during childbirth. Suomen Doulat ry members have undertaken to follow the doula code of conduct.