Ask a doula

Suomen Doulat ry offers free “Ask a doula” events for families.

At the event, anyone can come and ask any questions related to childbirth or doula work. No question is too small to ask. The doula can explain e.g. about pain relief and the normal course of and support for childbirth. Come and ask how the partner can support the mother or in what different ways a doula can help. 

No medical treatment instructions or diagnosis may be offered at these events.

"Ask a Doula" evenings are organized as follows

Espoo (Entresse, Iso Omena or Sello)

"Ask a Doula" events are held at public libraries in Espoo

Additional details from Marjaana Siivola/Doules [email protected], 050-5969011


Helsinki, Kallion kirjasto/library, Viides linja 11/Route Five 11

Additional details from Karoliina Helle/Nuppunen, 040-7471790, [email protected]
Doula FAQ: 2018 Kysy doulalta yleinen (PDF)
In addition to these, local doula groups periodically hold their own doula evenings. Most of the doula evenings are held in Finnish but many will have some multilingual participants who can answer questions in English and other more common languages.