Ingrid- Doulatips

Hi there,

My name is Ingrid and I’m a pregnancy and postpartum doula. I’m a hypnobirth instructor and I’m specialized in family systemic work. I speak Spanish, Catalan and English.

About us…

Being a doula made me discover women in a Holistic way and I fell in love with our Ancestral power and everything that opens during the maternity journey. Having that beating inside of me, I support you from a calm, respectful place and I listen to you with my whole body. giving you all my presence and trustful look. I see your partner and the roles that play a big part in this moment of your life, for me it’s important to take them into account.

My services are connected with the basis of the doula work, which is offering a safe space for the mother to transition all her feelings and thoughts in an open and supported way. We are here for you mama.

Does this vibe with you? 

Contact me and I can tell you how I can offer for you specifically 🙂